Saturday, May 24, 2014

Athorus mobile game : Texturing artwork

New experience had been added to me while working on Texturing most of the game characters and objects, it was really fun and exhausting too!

I have collected all the Texturing art work in one pdf so anyone can check them easily, hope you like it :)
Check out this link:

Athorus mobile game : UI artwork

UI artwork is a shortcut name for "User Interface " as we all know, which includes any kind of tools the user interact with like " Bottoms, Army map, Store, etc. ... 

Sketches of the logo game design

The final logo options

Final Splash screens

Sketches of the splash screens


Trails for the game icon

Final game icon option

Army map levels


Level up shield, treasure box and magics spell



Athorus mobile game : Official trailer artwork

Besides my comic artwork in "Athorus" project I was a concept artist for the game essentially. I also did separate layers illustrations to be used in an online trailer video for the game.
The art style reference was a trailer video for a gorgeous game made by "Sony Comp." the game called "Infamous" .
Unfortunately, I don't have the final trailer video m but I will post it as soon as I got it .
So here you are some snapshots from the trailer video.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Athorus mobile game : comics artwork

One of my favorite projects that I worked in was " Athorus " with a gaming studio located in Alexandria - Egypt Spyros Entertainment between 2012 - 2013, it was a mid-core top down shoot-EM up mobile game, which is designed on a Pharaonic theme and story. The main character is “Athorus”, a Pharaonic magician king who is revived to fight his antagonist and to defend his people.

I will divide the artwork of the game on different  posts and this one is for the comic artwork I did in the game and those images were shown before and after every single game's level to produce the story in an artistic way .

I also attached the pdf of the whole story, hope you like it :)