Saturday, December 14, 2013

Global game jam participation

That was my past company participation for in the last " Global game jam " in Egypt it was a 2D side scrolling game about a medical pill runs into the human veins body distracted by Capillaries and Bacteria


Birthday gift

A birthday gift I did for my great mentor " Hani Elmasry"


Cyberpunk soldier girl

RPG game

 The sketch was made for a friend of min's RPG game he asked me to design am a pirate and a young adventurous boy beside 

Egyptian faces 3

Sad devil

Bear Project

This project was a result of a workshop done by my mentor Mr. Hani Elmasri in Cairo about Concept and design development and I chose to create a game story about an Arabian bear character who lives in the desert and yet the only one left from his kind and trying to survive from all the monsters left by the doomsday.

Assassin's knife

Inspired from Assassins Creed 2 I really love this game ^_^

African man study

Barber Project

In 2010 I co-operated by a friend of mine who is a graphic designer as well To make some sort of mixed art between illustrations and graphic design We made a brand logo called  " Fieesha " which means a power plug and the name and the collaboration concept was based on every Egyptian method can be used and even renew so our first project was to make illustrations and type for a " Barber Shop " here you are

Friday, December 13, 2013

Sayed Albadawi graphic novel

Those sketches were a result  of a contribution Between me And a writer who is a friend of mine We had to create an Egyptian story about " The Liberty " So we choose a story inspired by the French occupy in Old Egypt and the story was about an Egyptian hero Called " Ali " who Plays a big role in defending  for his homeland And I will post other updates later.
Done in : 5/11/2012

Sketches of the main character in the story

 Other characters will appears in the comic

Abotrika graphic novel

Two years ago I received a comic script from a client to draw a graphic novel about the famous Egyptian football player " Mohammed Abotrika " I did a couple of pages but for some reasons the job had been canceled here you are
Done in : 10/5/2011

A closer look from the first page