Saturday, September 29, 2012


" Halaws " which means in English " Hallucinations "... My last comic work I did on a script written by a co-worker friend who is also a very good writer and artist here is a link for you about this story in Arabic I think you can translate it into English:
Also, some of my attempts in cover and pages... And sorry that I can't post the official pages cause it's not  published  yet, but of course it is under demand to be printed just order it on my mail: 

Self portrait

Self portrait with an Arabic quotation means " I' won't be happy forever ... Bad things are coming so quickly "

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life painting for some fellows at work

Life painting for some fellows at work done in: 19/6/2012

Comic cover

Two options comic covers were made for a graphic novel called " House of  losts "

Here you a link for the publishing house which I did this artwork for: 

" Crowds of the revolution "

Studying Arabian costumes

One of my best and beautiful coincidence in my life is to work with such a great and very skillful artist like Mr. " Hani Elmasry " who is a great mentor and a godfather to me... He aimed me to study Arabian architecture and costumes to get more inflow in concept work and it really helped me in such a thing...
Please check his website here to know more about him and enjoy of his marvelous masterpieces:

Two princes of Nord Land

Well, as there is many start up games companies are being held... This was one of the attempts on a 3D realistic game by a work group some of its partners were from Egypt and the other abroad... This was aimed to be two main characters in this game based on an old story in the Nord Land about 4 king brothers each one of them trying to have more power and Influence towards the throne... The one on the right is one of them and the good one also... The one on the left is the rude one of them...

Two princes from Nord Land