Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Tor Legend

"A high Tor is overlooking the sea. Waves crash on its wall splattering water, then draws back. A castle lies on the edge of the Tor, strong with its stone walls and four towers. Inside the castle there is the ruler, Prince Qadry and his army. White flags, the symbol of the peace-loving people of the Tor, flutter over the four towers. At the far end of the Tor lies the ancient temple with its wide yard and good trees that spread the shadows where Faisal the Chief Saga of the Tor sits down meditating." - Tor Legend

Tor legend was a gaming project done while a contribution between me and a game development company in Alexandria, Egypt... It was a 3D side scrolling infinite game about 4 young Arabian heroic kids trying to recover their homeland from an occupation by the pirates.

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